Solar Generators

Keep Your Lights on With Solar Power

Install a solar generator for your Arnold, MO home

Powering your home during an outage is easy with a solar generator. If you're interested in a generator, proSOLAR installs Clean Green Solar Machine generators in 12-kilowatt and 24-kilowatt options. These environmentally friendly generators can run your HVAC, refrigerator, lights and more for several days.

Ready to upgrade to solar? Contact us today for solar generator installation services in Arnold, MO.

Where to install your solar generator

Solar generators are popular for a variety of different buildings and vehicles. You can install a generator for your:

  • Home
  • Food truck
  • Insulation truck
With our solar generator installation services, you can have a reliable energy source for your mobile business. These generators allow for a direct interface for solar power for your truck, so you won't need a UPA power supply. Email us now if you want a new generator for your mobile business.

Clean Green Solar Machine

CGSM (12kW) or CGSM BOOST (24 kW)

CGSM is a form of solar battery, that direct interfaces with solar systems 6kw or less with built in invertor, or can be plugged into any outlet to charge the batteries. We have residential and commercial customers using it strictly as a replacement to a generator for short term solutions, and this requires no additional expenses in fuel(s). We've also seen corporate entities, that use these as an alternative to costly UPS systems for their tech departments. One of these generators is capable of running a single server for several days vs the UPS counter part that would die after just a day or two. This single product can be used in diverse ways to meet the needs of every business customer through its versatility of functionality.