Solar Panel Installation

Power Your Home With Clean Energy

Turn to us for solar panel installation services in Arnold, MO

Solar is an invaluable energy source that never runs out. If you're interested in solar panel installation services in Arnold, MO, count on proSOLAR. We'll install your new panels correctly so you can start utilizing solar energy.

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Wondering if solar panels are right for your property?

If you're undecided about our solar energy installation services, let our experts convince you that this is a worthwhile investment. With new solar panels, you can:

  • Utilize clean energy
  • Save money in the long term
  • Get tax credits and deductions
Your solar panel installation will eventually pay for itself in several ways. Firstly, you'll save money on your electric bill. Secondly, many homeowners find they can write off 100% of the cost of their installation in their taxes. For more information about solar tax credits, email us today.

Professional Installed Service

Solar & Retrofit Solutions

We can customize and install any size solar project starting with a minimum of 13 panels and up. Big or small, whatever your power needs are, we can help you with saving on your monthly bills.

Solar systems typically save, in most cases, hundreds of dollars monthly from your current bills. On average with current incentives, they will completely pay for themselves in less than 10 years for residential, and less than 5 for businesses.

Retrofit lighting alone can impact your monthly bills by as much as 25% in most commercial settings.

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